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BlueShift has moved into a new 4000sf studio facility in Kent. We have everything you need to make your studio time as seamless as possible.


BlueShift FilmWerks is a producer of documentaries and news packages for both long and short form programs. We shoot, research, source and write video packages for network television. Provide raw video to news organizations. 

BlueShift will coordinate the extensive travel to and communication with various military units deployed domestically and internationally; We were officially embedded Independent journalists during Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003). 

International events we've covered include: London G8 (2009), President Obama’s European visit (04/2009), NATO Anniversary (2009). 

In-depth interviews with; Dan Rather, Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA), Pat Buchanan, ADM Vivien Crea, USCG (highest ranking female in the military at that time).

We also provide essential services and equipment components (lights, audio, props, etc.) to the production of films, series, specials and live promotional events. Some examples include: Multiple TV commercials, “Lords of Dogtown,” “Friday After Next,” The Emmy Awards (2002-05), Academy Awards (2004-05), concerts, industrials and promos for Sketchers, Sony and Apple.
Recruiting Video For US Coast Guard 
Training Center Cape May
(flash video may take up to 1 minute to load)
In 2003, BlueShift was honored to be officially embedded with the United States Coast Guard during their first combat deployment since Viet Nam.